Eloquent Grace under fire

She was an endearing infant found in Iloilo’s Jaro Cathedral by a kind-hearted local lady. She was lovingly treated as her own. She was then adopted by the celebrity couple (the late) Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces. She was given an excellent education abroad and now she is one of the few appealing public figures in the country.

Senator Grace Poe was brought up in a world nobody thought she would be; and she is now someone nobody thought she would become.

Carrying with her such a rare fairytale, the public eye is on watch as she goes back to her roots. With the media heading, the nation starts scrutinizing her every move. Bu as her name befits her, Sen. Grace exudes quiet meekness amid thrashes from her political enemies here and there. As I watch her brave a mob of cameras and microphones all focused on her, I might be looking at the new lady president of the Philippines.

She comes back after a year for one of her ‘emotional visits’ to look back what it used to be and to fight for what she believes in: equal rights for foundlings like her.

“If you were a parent, you have to treat each of your children equally. You cannot discriminate one from the other because he is a foundling… I appeal to our courts to uphold an internationally accepted principle of law.”

Eventhough she has not confirmed what many are hoping for (that is, to run for 2016 presidency), she has a ready answer to those political opponents who fear her presidential competency, thus criticizing her identity and citizenship, which the senator thinks it too personal already.

“I am not retreating from the challenge. There is nothing for me to fear.  I was born this way and this is out of my control. It is a different story when you have done something wrong against the government.”

As she entrances with grace, she exits with the same agreeable aura. She leaves us with a thought to ponder: it is not where one comes from that matters, it is how one acts that makes a difference.

She speaks with distinct Ilonggo modesty, yet with an eloquent conviction becoming of a decent public servant.


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