Detox water. Cut the drama.

It started with a few neglegted strawberries in the fridge, a cucumber and the last squeeze of lemon. And oh, the will to try it out.

And so goes my little history of how my bottle of detox water became. 

Instinctively I googled how and which fruits and veggies I could include in my concoction, and the healthy stuff I could benefit from it.

Knowing myself very well, I thought it was just another spur of the moment, on the other hand I had this growing determination that wanted me to keep trying ang going.

I came across this helpful site and realized I could mix my own, depending on my needs and of course my preferred flavor.

After about three days of coaxing I had learned the hang of it, making sure I prepare the bottle and keep it in the fridge overnight. I have also somehow mastered the right flavor my palate prefers and water has never been so gratifyingly delicious!

More importantly, I have noticed my migraine has not visited me since I started taking detox water. Prior to the practice, I was frequented by that throbbing pain, never failing to nail me against the bed for hours.

For those who want to know my new-found favorite concoction: it’s cucumber, lemon and ginger. Gulping it down straight from the fridge is refreshing in the morning and makes you crave for more for the rest of the day.

Convinced? Why not try it yourself?


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