That mysterious perfect timing

A classic story of morals infers, “What killed the frog was its own inability to decide when it had to jump out of boiling water.”

True enough, our instincts at times deceive us. But in such moments, are we helpless? Not at all.

I may not have lived long enough yet nor do have a great number of outstanding accounted-for confirmation to prove that we are never alone. My mere existence, and yours, is tangible proof and enough evidence that everything comes about at the right time in the right place – so fashionably and lovingly orchestrated by our Creator.

Raised up in an austere household where rules are rigidly enforced and the word “compromise” is taboo, I’m used to following a strict routine, hence uncharted waters remained uncharted. Ultimately I grew up learning the art of creating my own blueprint of the day and a trivial deviation from it would generate guilt and constant battle within. Even my creativity as a Mass Communication student then was affected as I would play it by the book. I had extreme fear of the unknown. To explore was not part of the procedures.

It wasn’t long time ago I decided I’d stop exerting control over some situations, break free a bit from being rigid, go with the receding tide, trust not in my instincts, say silent prayers, smile at the world, come what may. COME WHAT MAY. For the first time, I did not have any concrete plans at hand. Little did I know it was the perfect timing for something to transpire before my eyes. A series of seemingly unexplained events came together and I came across someone I did not even care to think I would personally know. Something I did not ask for but was wistful about started turning my life around and changing my perspective – and I was loving it!

Today two years ago everything became clear and I understood the why’s and how’s of each twist and turn. Within this couple of years, I have witnessed firsthand an impressive capacity of patience. I have seen genuine respect, exceptional bliss and inspiring amiability. I since then believed these all took place with the divine intervention, without which, nothing would even be imaginable and I would never be a somehow better person I am today.

Perfect timing? God’s perfect timing. Something I can’t fathom, but I’m living and loving it!


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