About the author

Hi there! My name is Twinky Posa and I love writing!

Perhaps, you’re wondering where my parents got my name from (as excited as any proud parent would be). Well, I have a twin sister and both our names were taken out of the root word ‘twin’. ‘So predictable!’ you would think. Some find my name funny, others think it matches my personality. I love everything sunshiny and orangey. But believe it or not, I have brought with me a couple of inconsolable facts: one, an amusing childhood story of mine – my first heartbreak, my first acceptance of reality; and two, I haven’t come across a Twinkies bar yet! Want to hear that story which I entertain every new acquaintance with? Come visit me with a Twinkies one day and we’ll be friends – for life! 

On a more serious note, I am a communications professional with extensive experience in marketing and PR. Writing is my passion and listening to people what they feel is my gift. I had been in a luxury hospitality industry for almost a decade and the experience was exceptional.

I believe you would agree the life and blood of any workplace is people. Building healthy working relationships with colleagues, clients and business partners colors your life as a member of an organization. From a personal standpoint, it makes you wake up in the morning with a motivated spirit. On a wider perspective, it not only keeps the business going, but also makes your company the people’s first choice for doing business with.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Colegio San Agustin – Southwoods, I was a consistent scholar at the same time enjoying my stint in the college paper as editor and in our theater group as a performer.

To delve more into my world, you are most welcome to read my blogs and to comment. Lovely to meet you!